Friday, June 08, 2018

Under the Jolly Roger by L.A. Meyer (2005)

Under the Jolly Roger: Being an Account of the Further Nautical Adventures of Jacky Faber

I can't get enough of those books so wonderfully read by Katherine Kellgren. I just don't have time to describe them all.

From Amazon: "After leaving the Lawson Peabody School for Young Girls in Boston—under dire circumstances, of course—Jacky Faber boards a whaling ship bound for London, where she hopes to find her beloved Jaimy. But things don’t go as planned, and soon Jacky is off on a wild misadventure at sea."

Jacky is again her spunky self and ends up running a ship or two - and gets promoted to lieutenant (pronounced "leftenant" in the book). I liked that she got back to London and reconnected with some of her old mates from the streets and puts her gains to good use by setting up an orphanage. I think that I learned more about the actual running of a ship from this one - especially how they were used in war, how they had do prepare the canons. We've all seen pictures or movies of smoking canons on ships, but it is a lot of hard coordinated work, and then the possibility of major destruction and sinking of another ship - or your own. At the end of the book Jacky ends up in the Battle of Trafalgar, a real naval battle between the British and a combination of French and Spanish on October 21, 1805. And though this young girl is courageous and strong and talented, all the destruction does affect her, and she does have nightmares throughout these books.

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