Friday, June 08, 2018

In the Belly of the Bloodhoutnd by L.A. Meyer (2006)

In the Belly of the Bloodhound: Being an Account of a Particularly Peculiar Adventure in the Life of Jacky Faber

Jacky escapes from the Battle of Trafalgar, and as she is wanted by the British, she heads back to Boston to hide in the Lawson Peabody School for Young Girls until things cool down. She finds that her friend Amy does not hate her, that Jaimy still loves her and all seems to settle down until the girls are taken on a school excursion to an island, but end up being kidnapped to be sold as slaves to African sheiks. I would say I learned less about history from this one, but it was a great psychological book on how this diverse group of girls that are used to having servants come together under Jacky's leadership to survive the voyage in the slave ship Bloodhound. They learn to work together and come up with some ingenious ways to keep their minds busy, spirits up, make their life on the ship tolerable, and even hatch escape plans. Many of them are made to reflect on what they think of slavery and the role of women in the early 19th century society. As Jacky thinks to herself at the end - those girls will go home much changed.

Four down, eight to go.

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