Friday, August 07, 2009

Last of the Dandies by Nick Foulkes (2003)

Subtitle: The Scandalous Life and Escapades of Count d'Orsay. One of those interesting titles I found while browsing the library shelves, I checked it out, skimmed it, but never did read it. This is a researched book on an interesting character. "D'Orsay dominated fashion during the 1830's and 40's, scandalizsing the part of polite society that he did not charm. ... His dress sense aside, he painted, he sculpted, he gambled, he shot, he rode, he involved himself in the literary and political life of the day. It is fair to assume that he had affairs with his patron, the free-spending Earl of Blessington, and the earl's wife, prominent hostess Lady Blessington. He also married Lord Blessington's daughter. ... in many ways he was the first modern celebrity..." (from the Preface, ix) My father had a bit of the dandy in him - he like white pants in the summer and liked to be social. But my pile of books to read is too high, so this will just have to go back to the library shelves. Looks like no one else has ever checked it out.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Lost Lake by Allen Say (1989)

A beautifully illustrated book of a boy and his too busy father, who bond during a camping trip looking for the Lost Lake.

The Bicycle Man by Allen Say (1982)

I was just showing someone the children's books on Japan that we have and ran across author, illustrator Allen Say. When I went up to show her the books, I took a couple to read myself, and would like to read all of his books.

This is a picture book about Japanese students after WWII. A couple of American soldiers come by their school and even without language skills break down the anxiety among the students.