Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I am Morgan leFay by Nancy Springer (2001)

Subtitle: A Tale form Camelot. Reading of this book came out of a reference question, where a professor had written her doctoral dissertation about Morgan le Fay. I wanted to read something simpler about her and found this book by Nancy Springer, who used to be one of my favorite fantasy/science fiction authors.

We see Morgan as a little girl, losing her father, then taken away with her sister by the nurse to be kept safe and raised in magic. She does fall in love, but her lover is destroyed, even though she tries to protect him, which makes her bitter. Plus we learn why she has no love for her half brother Arthur.  

This was great - both seeing some of the well known characters from King Arthur's story from a different angle, plus an explanation of some of the magic behind the stories. I think I want to read the I am Mordred story too.