Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Zero Day by David Baldacci (2011)

I like Baldacci, so I thought I would try this series with John Puller. He is a bit younger than Will Robie and Oliver Stone and some of the other main characters I have liked, still coming out of a military background, a former combat vet, now a military investigator. He gets sent to rural WV to investigate a murder of a military man and his family. The book felt too military with focus on types of weapons, etc., but somehow Baldacci gets me to care for these hard core guys. Puller works with the local police chief Sam(antha) Cole, who never expected having to deal with multiple murders in her territory, but keeps up with Puller and backs him up on his complex investigation. There are all these characters in WV, that remind me of my days in southeastern Ohio. Puller helps out the old lady that owns the run down motel he is staying at, which felt a little too sweet, but then I liked him being straight forward with the nasty rich coal mine owner. Anyway, it looks like I will never catch up with all the books Baldacci has written.