Monday, July 13, 2020

Stardust by Neil Gaiman (1999)

I read this book 10 years ago and enjoyed it as much the second time around. I remembered some of the main elements, but was still captivated. I was going to just edit the old entry, but felt I still needed to recall what I am reading now, so I am leaving the description of Stardust to the old entry. Over these years I have more an more respect for Gaiman, a great supporter of libraries. I also loved the recent Good Omens series - just a delightful good vs. evil over the centuries tale. This book too is so full of good vs. evil and adventure. I can so relate to the main character Tristran Thorn, who would rather continue on adventures than settle down to ruling a state. I also liked that Gaiman went a bit beyond the "living happily ever after" as he gave what happened decades into the future.

In the talk with the author after the book, he says that readers will sometimes point something out that really needs fixing and that he will then fix it future editions of a book. I have now lost the details in my mind, but I thought I had found an inconsistency. There is a character that is supposedly kidnapped as a baby and then enslaved for many years. But then she remembers things from her birth country, and that she was treated like royalty. How did she even know who she really was? No, I will not write Gaiman about this.

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