Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cocaine Blues by Kerry Greenwood (2006)

I think I've found another mystery series I want to pursue. Phryne Fisher is an interesting character that I would not mind spending some more time with. She grew up poor in Australia, but through the English bloodlines system, her father inherited great wealth that has left her more than comfortable, elegantly dressed (I did like the descriptions of her 20's clothing) and bored. When asked to check out why a daughter was looking so ill whenever she visited England, Phyryne takes on investigating this mystery and runs across a cocaine ring in Melbourne, Australia. I liked how she picked up Dot, recently unemployed maid, as her personal maid. I get the sense they will keep working together. Then she involves two cab drivers - Bert and Cec to help her out. Liked the Russian dancer Sasha and Dr. Elizabeth MacMillan, who work in a women's hospital, as she is not allowed to practice in the regular one. Phryne can dress up to fit into the most elegant society, and dress down to fit in among low-lives. Very enjoyable, plus a glimpse into the 1920's, and the current reoccurring theme of British expats worldwide.

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